FonePaw Review: Does It Really Work? Complete Guide

Today our test and review of FonePaw one of the Best Android data recovery software is extremely helpful and can help you recover deleted files fast and efficiently.

However, not all recovery tools are created the same.

In order to ensure the success of the operation, you must use a reliable tool.

FonePaw Assistant is the first choice of many users when it comes to recovery.

Read on to learn more about its featuresdisadvantagesperformance, and whether it is safe to use.

FonePaw Reviews – Android Data Recovery Software

FonePaw Review
FonePaw Review

Characteristics and strengths


The information you have saved on the SIM card or in the internal memory – phone number, name, email, address, company, function, website, etc. can all be retrieved as a VCF / CSV / HTML file.


All deleted SMS, MMS, WhatsApp messages including attachments like photos and videos can be exported as CSV / HTML files.

Call logs:

The names, numbers, phonetypes, and times of calls are recoverable in a file HTML on your computer so you can read them or print them easily.

WhatsApp :

Recover individual and group conversations on WhatsApp as well as photos, audio, and videos on your Android phone, even without backup.


All the photographs saved on your Android gadgets including the photos you took and the ones you got from the internet are all recoverable as .jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp, .webp, .spat, and that’s just the beginning.

Videos & Audios:

It doesn’t make any difference whether the video and sound are downloaded, saved, or acquired elsewhere, FonePaw Android Data Recovery helps you find erased recordings, melodies, or accounts.


Lost important records saved money on Android? This android will help you recover lost documents in Word, Excel, PPT, PDF, HTML, ZIP, RAR, and more.

Note: 30-day trial version. You cannot save what you check out and you cannot preview images at full size.

FonePaw Data Recovery Wizard is the best Recovery software by using this software online and offline one can get all types of deleted data in just a few minutes in Android Phones.

You can Download Fonepaw Data Recovery for Windows, Mac, Android, as well as for iOS platforms and is compatible with many devices and hardware.

This tool allows you to recover virtually anything from video and audio files to notes, calendars, contacts, archives, documents, etc.

The pros and cons: FonePaw Reviews

The pros and cons: FonePaw Reviews
The pros and cons: FonePaw Reviews

And here is our test and opinion on Fonepaw:


 1 – Recover all types of files, such as videos, images, sounds, archives, documents, etc.

2 – Two smart modes.

 3 – Quickly scan and recover corrupt/hidden/inaccessible files on your computer as well as deleted files from a RAW hard drive.

 4 – You can effectively recover deleted data through this tool no matter how it was deleted, for example:

 5 – A wide variety of storage media are in the hard drives, USB drives, memory cards, Cellphones, etc.


The recovery does not work for large files, especially those that exceed 2 to 3 GB.

The Software takes a ton of system resources during the search process which can slow down the framework significantly.

You can’t utilize this instrument to recover explicit folders.

You need to check the entire hard drive to find your files, which may take a long time.

Since the software doesn’t keep the log information, it is quite difficult to see what you have recuperated.

Is fonepaw safe?

This software is safe to use. We scanned the software through popular antivirus programs and found no viruses or malware and fonepaw legit.

The software installed successfully and no additional programs or hidden installs were included in the process.

It only accesses inaccessible or deleted files, so all your other data stored on your drive remains intact.

However, the tool could use the hard drive read and write speeds and affect the performance of other programs you are running in the background.

Therefore, it is recommended to close all running programs before using FonePaw Assistant to start its work.

Performance; FonePaw Reviews

We performed several tests and compared the tool to the competition to measure the performance of our FonePaw Data Recovery Wizard software.

During our testing, we performed basic recovery testing as well as advanced recovery testing.

In our basic recovery tests, we ran the software to recover the formatted 500GB partition with the NTFS file system.

For this test, we created three test files and then deleted them.

It was a video file, a photo, and a Word document. We also tested the software to recover deleted data from the 10GB partition.

The results were as follows:

  • A quick scan of a 500 GB partition took about 10 to 20 seconds
  • The deep scan of a 500 GB partition took approximately 1 hour 45 minutes
  • Full hard drive scan option: Not available
  • Files received: Images, videos, Word documents
  • Recover deleted partitions: Yes

Quick scan:

The software is fast enough to perform a quick scan because the tool finishes the scan in just a few seconds. However, the results are limited.

The tool seems to only search for files that have been recently deleted.

Most other tools build entire directory structures and search for all deleted files.

It has only those who have been recently deleted.

In-depth scan:

The in-depth analysis, on the other hand, yielded good results.

First of all, it was done in under two hours, which is pretty quick compared to the in- depth scans of most other tools.

The tool has also successfully recovered images, videos, and documents.

Overall, it performs better in terms of data scanning, but its performance is poor compared to some other tools available in the market.

Fonepaw Android Review

Ultimately, it is a mark of trust when it comes to optimizing data recovery and extraction. The company’s software is simple to use effectively for the average consumer.

With parallel processing for fast and efficient operationsFonePaw products are compatible with all types of software.

It supports over six thousand Android devices and two dozen iPhone and Apple iOS products, making it a comprehensive set of products.

In my testing, I was very happy with the capabilities and performance of the FonePaw software.

Each data recovery application makes sure to encrypt the recovered data to protect sensitive information.


  • FonePaw products provide easy-to-use tools that selectively restore files to iPhone, fonepaw android review and other portable devices
  • The intuitive and simple interfaces to understand
  • FonePaw includes many small features that make the task of Fonepaw recovery as easy and quick as possible


  • Limited support for third-party app data recovery on Android and iOS devices.

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